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Chantas Bitches videos – Lexi Belle and Amber Rayne

Lexi Bell is having detention for swearing and saying sexual things to her colleague. Her supervisor decided to teach her a lesson, in this latest Chantas Bitches videos. She made sure that no one could see them, and so she tied Lexi to the chair, got on the table, speeded her sexy long legs and stuffed Lexi’s face deep into her twat. She made sure that Lexy got a lick with her tongue to every inch of her pussy. She loved to feel her deep inside, licking her, making her all wet and moisture, making her feel good and really close to her sexual climax, just the way we like at chantasbitches and DivineBitches. But Amber wanted more and so she makes Lexi bend over and fucks her hard in the as with a strap on. Check them out at free chantas bitches galleries.

And make sure you see every single second of this superb and sexy video as you will regret not doing so. Lexi is a naughty blonde babe and this brunette colleague of her was going to teach her all about BDSM pleasures today. Sit back and watch as sexy Lexi gets herself tied up nicely, and see her mistress undressing her to start playing with her new toy. You can see the sweet blonde’s cute and round ass spanked, and then the Blondie gets her tight pussy fucked by a nice and big strap on as well as her brunette fuck buddy goes deep and hard on her wet cunt.

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ChantasBitches – Nika Noire & Dia Zerva ‘s video

Dia is a cute sexy looking girl, but she mess with the wrong people and now it is time to pay up, at chantasbitches. Nika found her, stripped her down, tied her up and then she started the punishment. First she made sure that Dia is all wet and moisture, so she shoved her fingers deep into her sapphicerotica cunt, making her to moan and scream with sexual pleasure she did not want to feel. Then she flipped her over, spreads her legs and fucked the shit out of her using one large strong strap on. Check  them out at chantas bitches videos and see the new meaning of getting down and dirty.

Well as you can probably see in the video, this scene is full of ass whipping goodness and pussy teasing. You get to see this busty and sexy mistress in a past update do her work so you know what this blonde babe is on for with this lady. AS always you get to see the mistress get naked as she wants her big round tits in full view as well and after she is done whipping that nice and fine round ass, she takes on her strap on dildo and begins to fuck her little sex slave fast and hard until she has the blonde babe orgasm and squirting her juices in pleasure. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you guys next week with more!

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Getting A Little Dirty

Check out sexy looking Natalie as she gets all torn up in this latest chantasbitches videos . She really wanted to feel used, and after this Infernal Restraints Videos update, I am sure that desire will not come back soon. Sexy Natalie got her ass fucked, face fucked, slapped and spanked on, and got the experience an orgasm while having no air. Well this slutty babe wanted to try her hand at BDSM, and this blonde mistress was here to show her the way to pleasure through some pain. And rest assured that our blonde is way over qualified but she always loves breaking in new meat when she gets the chance.

As this scene starts off, you can see the blonde babe tying up the sex slave for the day, and she begins to start teasing that naughty and horny cunt of her slave with her vibrator. After a superb little whipping session the blonde fucks her sweet pussy with a nice and big strap on, and then she rides her face with her sweet and eager pussy as well, making her sex slave please her orally. And as a nice reward, the sex slave gets her pussy fucked once more by the mistress until she cums and orgasms as well. Well it’s a sure thing that both of these babes enjoyed their time together today!


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Lorelei Lee and Sabrina Fox art chantas bitches

Check out these sexy bitches as they take turns torturing one another in a brand new lorelei lee and sabrina fox art chantas bitches. Lorelei is the one in control here, and she make sure that her friends feels that. She ties her over, spreads her legs and starts fucking her using a dildo and strap on to make sure she feels every push she gives her. But that is not enough. Lorelei wants a piece of that  tight ass too. And so she makes sure it it ripped apart with the help of a huge hard strap on. No captive male here, only girl-on-girl bondage action. Check her out at chantasbitches videos and enjoy this nice little scene today.


Lorelei is a sexy little blonde with an amazing body and one of her hobbies is to talk back to her mistress. Well the sexy babe had just about enough of her today and she knew what she had to do. The only way to make this blonde shut up is to give her some nice and harsh BDSM treatments that she always loves, and she was aiming to do just that. Sit back and watch the cute and sexy Lorelei as she gets suspended in the air, while her mistress makes her entry in her pussy from behind with a strap on. Enjoy seeing Lorelei moan in pleasure as her mistress fucks her nice and hard, and do come back next week for more scenes everyone!

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Slave in severe pain

Check out our latest chantas bitches galleries and have a look on how two hot looking women, fuck one another using a hard large strap on to make themselves feel good and wet and cum in screamed out orgasms. This is one you do  not want to miss, cause it is so  hot and so  nasty. Well either way you are in for one amazingly hot and sexy fuck with some horny babes and we bet that you will just love it. This mistress knows exactly how to treat her sex slave in order to punish her but also please her as well. So let’s just get this show started and watch the two babes in action without delay today.

This blonde mistress just loves to take her time with her sex slaves as she has a habit of trying them up and leaving them suspended in the air helpless while she has her way with their bodies. And it was just that sort of treatment for this naughty red head as the mistress decided to lay on the ground and start playing with that naughty pussy. Sit back and watch as the mistress uses her nice and big vibrator to stimulate her slave’s pussy today and watch as the red head moans in pleasure. She makes her slut squirt several times before she’s done with her treatment and we bet you will enjoy it. See you next week!


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Chantasbitches high heels

Amber has been dreaming for a very  long time to have the opportunity to do one for chantasbitches high heels  and having as a pair sexy Alexa Von Tess. She loved to to use all he sexy nasty toys an other. She started with a little spanking to get Alexa in the mood. Once she was there, she brought our her very large and hard cock strap on, and started fucking Alexa hard,making her moan and scream with pleasure. But that was not enough for the hungry Amber, so  she flips Alexa over and does not stop fucking her tight ass, until it is ripped apart. Check them out at chantas bitches videos  and see what hard fucking really means.

chantas bitches high heels and ass whipping

As another fresh week swung by we brought you this nice little update, and it it you will get to see some very hot and sexy babes getting to have some sweet sexual fun just for your viewing pleasure guys. The mistress was all prepared with a nice and big hard strap on dildo as well, and she was going to be taking her sweet time to play with her sex slave’s naughty and pink pussy as well. See the mistress starting off with a nice ass whipping on her babe, and then see her fucking her sexy lady from behind with her strap on as the latter moans in pleasure as her pussy gets penetrated nice and deep by the sexy and kinky mistress today!

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Chantas Bitches Berlin

Check out this latest from chantas bitches Berlin  and have a look on how on sexy hot woman gets all covered in latex, with only one hall for the strap on to enter and to penetrate her deeper and deeper making her moan with pleasure and in the cum screaming out. Anyway, this is one superb BDSM scene that we think you will never forget after you se it, and the same could be said after this little sex prisoner for the afternoon. Well for her it’s that she won’t forget the pleasure that she felt as her sexy and hot mistress took care of her whole body today teasing it and pleasing it!

Miss Berlin always likes to have submissive little sluts on her hands and this cutie was no different. She was going to be taking her time playing with that nice and pink wet pussy as much as she could and she was going to take her time doing it as well. Watch closely and see her stimulating that wet and naughty pussy with a vibrator, and watch her sticking some pads to those tits for some mild shocks as well. She repeatedly brings the tied up babe close to cumming only to stop and make her beg to be let to cum once and for all. Well after she got bored she did let her slave orgasm too.

chantas bitches berlin dominating a poor submissive slave

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Ordered To Play

This latest fromchantas bitches videos brings to you two hot nasty girls, who decided to get wild with one another. One got all tied up, put on a gag, and then fucked on and slapped and spanked on all night long, until she could hardly breath and let out one orgasm after another and we know you’ll just love it. Well Mika was rather naughty so her mistress was in the right to punish her as much as she wanted for this whole day today. Watch closely and see as this superb BDSM show unfolds just for your viewing pleasure and the mistresses’ as well. So let’s get started without further delay.

chantas bitches mika tan pleasing her mistress

Mika Tan gets invited down stairs to her mistresses’ little sex dungeon, and once inside, the big breasted babe starts to tie her up and undress her. And she makes Mika lick and suck on those nice big tits as she just adores having her tits shown some attention as well. Mika has no choice but to follow her orders and then she gets lifted up in the air as the mistress wants to get to please her little sex slave the hard way. So watch as the mistress starts to spank and whip this superb babe’s body for a while, and then see her fingering that nice and sweet cunt, always stopping just before Mika is about to orgasm!

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Chantas Bitches Krissy Lynn

Sabrina has a special room where she takes all the girls she wants to have fun with, and in this latest chantas bitches Krissy Lynn , the lucky girl is Krissy. She was sleeping, when Sabrina took her over, tied hr and up, and then started to fuck with everything that came across her. Her favorite though was a large hard strop, which she put on and fucked her friend in all the halls she could find , making her moan and scream in deep sexual  pleasure, just the way we like at . Check them out as Krissy is getting ready to cum yet again. So let’s see the show go down.

Miss Krissy has been very very naughty and she is about to get taught a lesson that she won’t soon forget from her mistress today. Watch closely and see her getting tied up nicely just like we said, and all the while the rough mistress plays with her lovely pussy and her perky round tits as well. As she gets suspended in the air, the mistress puts on her strap on dildo and this cutie knows exactly what’s going to follow after this. So just sit back, relax and watch Krissy as she gets her nice and tight wet pussy fucked fast and hard by her mistress with her big and hard strap on dildo today. We hope you had fun!

chantas bitches krissy lynn gets her painful treatment

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ChantasBitches water

Julie sure knows how to have her own fun. She found a slut in he street, and really liked her and so she decided to bring her home for a new chantasbitches water. First she made sure that the sexy slut was all tied up,infernal restraints, with a gag on so that no one could hear her and she began her fun. She humiliated the slut, throwing hot water on her, watching as the drops rolled over her hot body and deep into her slutty cunt. She then fucked her hard and long with a large strap on. Check them out at chantas bitches videos and see more superb babes getting some nice and rough punishments for being naughty.

chantasbitches water treatment

This blonde was in for the rough treatment of a lifetime and her mistress Julie sure took her time with her today. And we bet you will love watching miss Julie as well as she makes her entry wearing a nice and tight latex outfit that was all blue and covered her sexy body curves perfectly. Enjoy as she gets to throw cold water all over this blonde babe’s hot and perky body today and see this sexy BDSM scene in all it’s glory. We hope you enjoyed seeing the cutie punished and rest assured we will have more for you guys to see next week when we will be returning. Until then have fun and enjoy!

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